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I don't like this question, but it will get my point across...

What % of the game is mental and what % is physical?


The least I’ve ever heard is 50/50… with most people saying something like 80% mental and 20% physical… or even 90/10.


Look I don’t know the true answer… the fact is that it all works together, but you know exactly what I’m talking about and you probably agree with me that mindset has a HUGE impact on performance.


So then a couple follow-up questions…


If the mental side is that important…

How do you go about improving it?


Why don't you spend more time trying to improve it?


Most athletes usually come to me for lessons because I’m a strength and Speed Coach (not even knowing that I’m also a Mental Skills Coach)… and I can almost guarantee that they are already taking lessons from one or more skill coaches for their sport… like a hitting or pitching coach in baseball/softball or a shooting coach in basketball.

So shouldn’t a metal skills coach be one of the first things you line up?

You see, I believe that Mental skills are just that… a SKILL… just like any other.

Mental Skills need to be understood and practiced… and the earlier they're developed the better, because mental skills are actually a prerequisite to every other skill.


For example, I don’t care how perfect your baseball or softball swing might be... if you’re not quickly and accurately processing the speed or movement of the pitch you’ll be a horrible hitter!

Nicky Lopez

MLB Infielder
Kansas City Royals
22 for 23 in Stolen Bases in 2021
(12th in MLB)

“...Thurman also helped instill good habits from both a mental skills and baseball-specific speed standpoint.  Mental skills (just like physical) need to be practiced and ideally developed sooner than later.  Even though I was never the biggest kid out there, I always felt like I had the advantage because I learned how to control my emotions and just have fun.  To this day, keeping a motivated (but relaxed) mind helps me to anticipate better as an infielder, process pitches better as a hitter, and get good jumps as a base runner!"


Nicky Lopez

MLB Infielder

Kansas City Royals

Meet Your "Mental Skills" Coach

Thurman Hendrix - Strength & Conditioning Coach - Chicago, IL
Thurman Hendrix, M.A., C.S.C.S.

Hi my name is Thurman Hendrix.  As a strength, speed, and mental skills coach with over 20+ years of experience, I've helped over a thousand athletes (not just baseball players) get to the next level by improving their performance.  Now I want to help you.

A little more about me:

  • Former Professional Baseball Player

  • Master's Degree in Exercise Science

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.)

  • Certified Speed & Agility Coach (C.S.A.C.) 

  • Have trained athletes from the following organizations:

  • MLB & MiLB Baseball

  • NHL

  • 100's of athletes across most sports at the Division 1 level

  • WNBA

  • Professional Race Car Drivers

  • Armed Services

I'm a Performance Enhancement Coach...

Not a psychologist!


Let me make that clear… this course is NOT clinical in any way!  It's simply an understanding of certain concepts as they pertain to maximizing performance.


I actually don’t like the word “Mental” because it’s somewhat misleading… almost as if we’re implying that you have a psychological problem… and that's not necessarily what's going on at all.


Essentially, what I’m talking about is having the proper frame of mind at any given moment… which simply helps you react and process information just THAT much quicker… which can make all the difference!

Quickly, my background... I have a Master's Degree in Exercise Science… I'm a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach (C.S.C.S.), I played one year of professional baseball, and I've been training athletes of all ages and all levels since the year 2000.

I realized early in my training career that programming the correct drills and exercises are crucial, but this pales in importance to HOW I COACH and HOW I TALK TO MY ATHLETESTheir mindset in the way that they approach their training, and ultimately their games, supersedes everything.

So as a coach, I made sure that I educated myself in the area of mental skills and passed this on to my players… and this online video course that I'm selling on this page is essentially the first session that I do with every one of my new athletes.


Why is a mental skills discussion the first session when I meet with a new athlete who's usually coming to me for strength and speed training?


Because again, mental skills and mindset are being used in everything that they'll do going forward.  Whether it's doing strength, speed, or agility exercises with me in the gym… or on the field or court working on your sport… and actually even in school, driving a car, or eventually in your career… mental skills are almost always a factor.


Many athletes don't even know they need this type of training until it's too late… Some are just bigger, stronger, and more talented at a younger age.  They're almost always successful (and don't know how to deal with failure)… but at some point, the other athletes catch up… And when they do…  whether it's at the high school, college, or maybe even at the pro level… this is when you hope your mental skills are already developed.

Now, I say this course is my first session when I meet with a new client… actually there’s a little more content offered in this course than what I’m able to get to with my athletes on day one.  Essentially lessons 3 & 4 in the online video course are what I go over in the first session with a new private client… and you can see if you add up the time in those two lessons, it’s a little under an hour.

The Mind Lesson - Course Outline Graphic.PNG

Those 2 talks are essentially my “Mind Lesson” and that's how I want you to think of this course…


This course is just like taking a lesson from any other skill instructor.  I even priced it as such… similar to taking a one hour session.  Obviously there's more here than just the one hour of coaching… and here's why I think my course is a little different.


I think the reason why Mental Skills training hasn't become mainstream yet is because it's fairly abstract…. with a random motivational rah rah speech here and then a breathing lesson there, etc, etc, etc….  and that's fine, but we need to realize that at certain moments athletes may need a little rah rah, but at other times it can be the worst thing for them.


My goal with this course is to take the abstract topic of mental skills and present it in a way that’s a little more concrete.  For example, if I were to teach you hitting in baseball… first I would teach you a stance, then I would teach you a rhythm in your stance, then a load, then a swing path, and finally a follow thru….


So like hitting, I'll be teaching some basic fundamental concepts that you can use as your base for going about improving mindset while in the moment of performing.


This course is for everyone… players, parents, and coaches…  Yes, ultimately, it's what's going on in the athletes’ mind that matters… but we as parents and coaches have a huge role in shaping those habits… and (even though they mean well) I often see the parents and coaches saying the wrong things and ruining their players in the process.

All ages can benefit from this… obviously, the younger the athlete, the more this is for the parents.  Upper level college and pro athletes can greatly benefit from this course as well… they no doubt will have the maturity to relate the concepts… but having a mental skills coach or sports psychologist on staff at these upper levels is becoming more and more common and you may already have access to this type of material.


So this is a fundamental lesson for anyone that hasn't had access to underlying mental skills techniques…  Again, it is not clinical and doesn't attempt to get into any personal issues that an athlete may have… I simply try to present the material in a more concrete fashion... so that you can identify what may or may not need to be said or done in any particular moment.

This has been the secret to my training success for the past 22 years… and now I want to get this information out to more people.

Thanks for reading and make it a great day!

Get Started Now!

  • 27$
Mental Skills Training for Young Athletes - The Mind Lesson
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Benefitting All Types of Athletes!


One-time purchase

You're probably already paying for regular sports lessons... so why not do just one more that will help to exponentially improve all of those lessons? 

Details of Course Delivery & the Checkout Process

  • Your card statement will show a charge from​

  • Immediately upon the sale you will receive an email with the link to a password protected page on our website in which you will be able to access the course videos and play them directly off of the site.  You will not be able to download the content.

    • Before payment, you will be asked to create an online account.​
      • ​IMPORTANT... please register using​ the NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS that you will use at checkout.​​

      • ​ALSO IMPORTANT... Please return to the same link each additional time you wish to access the course.  The content webpage is not accessible from our homepage.  Please either "Favorite" the page or click the link from the purchase email that you receive.​

My Guarantee to You - Refund Policy

I'm so sure that you'll benefit from my courses that I'm offering a 60 DAY, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

That's right, you can "test-drive" for a full 60 days, and then if you don't think it's going to improve your baseball speed, just email me, and I'll refund every penny.

If you've come to this website and read this far, I assume that improving your performance must be pretty important to you.  I made this course to help people like you do just that.


If it doesn't help you, then I want you to have your money back!

Money Back Guarantee.png

Get Started Now!

  • 27$
Mental Skills Training for Young Athletes - The Mind Lesson
Money Back Guarantee.png

Benefitting All Types of Athletes!


One-time purchase

You're probably already paying for regular sports lessons... so why not do just one more that will help to exponentially improve all of those lessons? 

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